Monday, September 9, 2013

Papers, Please

Papers, Please delivers an unexpectedly enjoyable experience of document checking and attempting to keep a family fed and healthy in the oppressive dystopian fictional country of Arstotzka.

A fine combination of 8 bit graphics, difference finding, and bullshit detecting. Papers, Please puts you in the roll of a Labor Lottery winner that has been given the task of running a checkpoint on a border that has been closed for the previous 6 years. There are neighboring countries that seem to harbor no ill will and there are countries that house extremists and terrorists. 

As these terrorists cause trouble, there is an increase the red tape, your speed and efficiency will suffer. In turn your take home pay and ability to feed, house, and keep your family healthy will also suffer. This opens the door for many tough decisions. You will have to choose if you accept bribes. If you detain people for pay... or even if you get wrapped up in revolution. These choices become less and less black and white.

There are 20 different endings, all with varying degrees of "success" as well as an endless mode. Papers, Please is well worth a look. Lucas Pope is a great job on this. I recommend you pick it up. You can check out Cheski Plays: Papers, Please play through.

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