Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Modular Mobile Device - Project Ara

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Back in September of 2013, I posted a video relating to a modular phone idea, Phone Bloks. I had numerous friends tell me it wasn't possible. I disagreed. Fast forward to now. 

Google has announced that the modular phone will be available to consumers in January of 2015, via an online configurator. Project Ara has a live site with links to Phone Bloks and a few others in the community that are pushing this forward. I am using the Nexus 5 currently and the Android platform has come a long way from where it was even on Gingerbread.

Google’s Head of Project Ara Paul Eremenko believes that it may be the last phone you buy for as long as “five or six years” as you upgrade individual components as required. We may finally be seeing the fruit of the Motorola Mobility acquisition. Even tough Google is selling Motorola Mobility to Lenovo, the patents that it gained access to are more than likely fueling this endeavor.

I welcome the innovation and this that this level of customization will find its way into the laptop market.

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