Saturday, August 23, 2014

Brutal Doom

Doom.  When it launched in December 1993, it was not the first FPS but it most certainly launched the genre into the limelight.  Doom was possibly the first multiplayer FPS to boot.  I remember playing the shareware version for many hours, as being just a child I couldn't afford to buy the full version.  Back then publishers didn't give out 15 minute demos of their game. they gave 1/3 of the full game and encouraged you to share it with your friends.  Doom was pretty controversial in it's time.  This was due to what was perceived at the time as violence in addition to the satanic symbols and images of gore...

A classic

...but that was 20 years ago and Doom is very dated by today's standards.  But still,Doom's gameplay skeleton has a certain "no nonsense" type of action that you can't get with most of today's titles in the FPS genre. That's where Brutal Doom comes in.  This mod takes the original Doom and adds 1000% more awesome to it.  True to it's name, it takes the level of violence in the game and kicks it up by 50 notches.  Depending on the weapon, you might decapitate, blow of limbs, burn to a cinder, or just out right gib the enemies.  Blood flies everywhere and will stick to the walls, ceiling, and even splatter on your character.  Enemies may have their guts hanging out while they crawl on the floor screaming until they either bleed to death or you put them out of their misery.  You can even shoot up and cut up the corpses themselves.  BrutalDoom is much more than just a gore mod however, as it introduces a whole host of things that weren't available 20 years ago.  For example, enemies now take more damage to the head.  There are many more death animations. Which animations are used depends on where you hit the enemy and with what type of weapon.

Most weapons also has a secondary function. The pistol was replaced by an assault rifle which has an automatic fire capability while firing from the hip, while the secondary function will bring up the rifle's sights and allow you to fire semi-automatically.  The minigun shoots much faster than before with the primary fire while the secondary will spin up the gun.  If you fire while it's "pre-spun" it'll unleash an even greater hail with a greater spread of bullets.  Even your fists will have their uses.  If you attack a possessed marine or imp with your fists you'll quietly snap their neck. Get a berserk or demon strength item and things get truly brutal (pun intended).  When killing any enemy with your fists while in "berserk mode", you go into an execution move which will range from literally ripping creatures in half to tearing out vital organs.  During this animation you're invulnerable and as soon as it's done you'll even gain, some health.  The amount you gain will depend on what you kill. Killing an Imp will net you about 5 HP while killing a Baron of Hell will likely get you back at 100% health.  In addition to that, your increased strength will also allow you to pick up explosive barrels and throw them at enemies. You can catch lost souls (floating flaming skulls) and throw them back at enemies.  Hell you even get Duke Nukem's famous "all mighty boot" kick (I laughed my ass off when I found out I can kick some enemies in the crotch).  If all that wasn't enough, in the Doom 2 version there are ways of taking and using the Mancubus and Revenant weapons, although you have to kill them in a special way.

Brutal Doom goes as far as introduces friendly marines you can rescue.  They'll loosely follow you and attack enemies with whatever weapon they're set to use. It will include any weapon you can carry except the BFG.  Their AI isn't the greatest, though they're being improved in the latest build (version 0.19) to react and follow better as well as know when to use hand grenades to clear out hordes.

To compensate for your new abilities, enemies also have new moves.  All projectiles now travel faster. Imps will now leap at you if you get close and attack you via melee, which does more damage.  Barons of Hell can fire either 1 or 3 fireballs at once and their melee hurts a lot more than it used to.  They may even pick up a lesser creature and throw them at you. You also have to worry about reloading every firearm except the BFG and minigun.  Bullets will ricochet and hit you if fire at a wall point blank.  Energy blasts from the plasma rifle and BFG will also hurt you if they hit something close by.

There's even more to go into but it's best that you experience it yourself.

It's like Doom and Doom 2 except a 1000% more awesome

Guest writer, Bulletmagnet, is an avid gamer and has been a friend of Cheski for many years.

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