Friday, November 7, 2014

Leaving my Fitbit behind

A few years and hundreds of thousands of steps later, I'm finally moving away from my Fitbit.

It isn't that the product is bad, it isn't. It has a specific function.

What changed? Smart watches and  feature overlap. My watch does what my Fitbit did, but more. So much more.

I use a LG G Watch. Google Fit is getting underway and if I want I can use the Jawbone UP system. I have choices.

Picking a device that does exponentially more just makes sense. Even Pebble(which I also recently left behind... Sort of) supports a digital pedometer. Unfortunately with Pebble, it is moving too slow to integrate with existing fitness tacking platforms. My other issues with Pebble goes much deeper though... I save that for later.

The landscape has changed and devices such as the Fitbit One are obsolete if you get a smart watch. Sure Fitbit has a smart watch of sorts, but good luck competing with Android Wear or Apple Watch.


  1. Fit it will be the next iPod. If our phones and watches do it why do we need another device?

  2. It filled the purpose it was built for and now it is time to move on. You're right. Our phones/watches are taking the load perfectly.