Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Imgur Pro for Free

In case you missed it, on February 9th, internet famous image hosting behemoth Imgur decided to give everyone the Imgur Pro benefits... for free.

Free is great. Imgur is awesome. Cheskitech used them as a paid service for image hosting before moving to SmugMug... but it looks like that is going to change. I am in the process of rebuilding the site, so what better time to switch?

Imgur is more than just a image hosting service. They have a thriving community and the love of Reddit.

The announcement came as a surprise to me as I was merely searching for "Imgur Pro" to try to see what it would cost to move back to them. I certainly got my answer. :D

Here are all the goods you’ll get with your free(Pro) Imgur account starting today:

-Store an unlimited number of images in your account
-Receive multiple thumbnail options on all uploads
-Access complete image analytics and referrer data
-Manage, edit or delete any uploaded image at any time
-Interact with the awesome Imgur community through commenting, voting and sharing

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