Friday, July 10, 2015

Issues with Bandicam and nVidia Driver 353.30

I was having issues with the last hour of my Let's Play of Alien Isolation. Yes, the luck of having issues in the last hour of a 18 hour Let's Play is mine to have. I had updated my video driver before that last hour of play. Mistake.

While troubleshooting the problem I noticed my FPS on a game I was playing with friends, Castleminer Z, were running at around 10 FPS no matter how low I set the graphics settings. A GTX 980 crushes anything this game can throw at it. I stopped recording and suddenly a buttery 60 FPS(I utilize frame limiting).

I've noticed that when I start recording after the driver update to 353.30 for my GTX 980, the CPU usage when recording is 30% on a static screen. Any motion spikes it up.

No beta drivers on nVidia's site and no update to Bandicam. Looks like a driver roll back.


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  1. I am trying a fresh driver install first to see if something goofed up on the first update from GeForce Experience.