Sunday, July 19, 2015

Steam Refunds - A Good First Experience

After purchasing both Ghostship Aftermath and CDF Ghostship... I attempted to play them. This is when I discovered that CDF Ghostship(CDF:G) is just an updated(barely) version of Ghostship Aftermath(G:A). At first I was ok with this, until I realized that CDF:G is just as clunky and unpolished as G:A. Bad AI pathfinding and equally bad voice acting were the final straw for me. The code must not be optimized, because my GTX 980 was getting low framerates at times.

I do like the concept of CDF:G and G:A. It is something I hope that can be pulled off successfully. Having just finished my run through Alien Isolation, I am craving more space survival horror. The random nature of the bad guys spawning in both Ghostship titles was optimistic, the you just can't get past the issues. Don't be fooled. It looks like it could be fun. It should be fun. Sadly, it just isn't.

I decided to try the recently unveiled Steam Refund policy. This is accessible here: Steam Refund

I requested the refund for both games at 10:53PM and by 12:15AM, both games had been refunded. This was refreshing that it was this easy. Thank you Steam Support!

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  1. Steam Refunds – A Good First Experience